Black Water Diving

fish circeling a jellyfish with black background

Black water diving is a special type of night dive. Typically a night dive is close to shore, either on a reef or sandy slope. On a black water dive you will dive in deep open water and wait for platonic creatures to come floating past on the currents. What’s Black Water Diving like? This kind of night dive is a very specialist type of dive, usually attracting photographers. It involves hanging out under the boat, in the black water, and waiting to see what floats by. Marine life that scuba divers could see on a black water dive are usually very small. We are looking for planktonic creatures, most of them in their larval or juvenile stage of life. […]

Shrimps in Indonesia

Harlequin shrimp with its blue spots

Shrimps in Indonesia Shrimps in Indonesia come in all shapes, sizes, colours and forms. There is a wide range of amazing shrimps that can be found while scuba diving. Coralia Liveaboard can take you on cruises all over Indonesia. We can find you some of these magnificent shrimps! This article is more like a gallery of shrimps. Because what can we say about shrimps, except they are totally wonderful and fun to see! We will show you some of the more common shrimps. Plus the weird and wonderful ones that are a bit harder to find and rarer to see! Squat Shrimp Squat shrimps (Thor amboinensis) are a fairly common sight in Indonesia. They constantly wiggle their bums and so […]