Top 5 Big Marine Life Encounters in Indonesia

Giant manta ray with diver in Raja Ampat with Coralia Liveaboard in Indonesia

Big Marine Life in Indonesia Indonesia has so many great liveaboard scuba diving destinations to satisfy all divers. But if ‘big stuff’ is what you are looking then Indonesia can tick all those boxes too. Big marine life encounters in Indonesia can be found in many destinations. Manta rays in Komodo and Raja Ampat. Hammerhead sharks in the Forgotten Islands, Banda Sea. Whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay. Molas, sunfish, in Alor. Whales and dolphins – everywhere! Manta Rays in Raja Ampat & Komodo The two best destinations to see manta rays are Raja Ampat and Komodo. In Komodo there are multiple dive sites that can be visited by manta rays. Coralia Liveaboard will cruise in Komodo from May to September […]

Abui Tribe in Alor

members of the Abui tribe dance in Alor

In Alor there is a traditional tribe from the Abui people. Abui means “mountain” in the Abui language.  They live in Takpapa Village in Benlelang Bay on the island of Alor. Approximately 16,000 people speak the Abui language.  The tribe still actively hunts with bows and arrows and is one of the only Abui tribes continuing their traditions. The local legend tells that the Abui tribe was the founder of the oldest kingdom that ever existed in Alor. During a liveaboard cruise, on board Coralia, through Alor we will organise a land excursion to visit the Abui people. Takpala Village is on the island of Alor a 45 minute bus ride from Kalabahi Bay. Inside Kalabahi Bay there is some […]

Critters in Indonesia – Weird and Wonderful Creatures

a dark red Rhinopias sitting on rubble ground

Indonesia – A Critters Paradise Indonesia is a great place to come scuba diving to see weird and wonderful critters. Some divers already know about the existence of some of these creatures and they are on their diver’s bucket list. Others have never heard, let alone seen, of these strange underwater creatures. We have put together a list of the best weird and wonderful critters in Indonesia. This list is according to Coralia’s favourites plus the ones that you are quite likely to see during a liveaboard cruise with us! Rhinopias – The Holy Grail of Fish! Our cover photo is of a paddle-flap scorpionfish or rhinopias (Rhinopias eschmeyeri). Many scuba divers consider this elusive fish the holy grail of […]