The Spice Islands

Fresh Cinnamon on the Banda Islands with Coralia Liveaboard in Indonesia

The tiny insignificant Banda Islands in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago were once the world’s only supplier of nutmeg. Also known as the Spice Islands, these remote islands played a large part in history that not many people know about. The Banda Islands are isolated in the Banda Sea off the island of Seram. At the beginning of the 17th century they were at the centre of fierce and bloody battles between the English and the Dutch . Nutmeg from the Spice Islands Nutmeg was the seventeenth century wonder drug. People used it as a medicine for rheumatism and digestion, as well as an aphrodisiac. But its significance grew when Elizabethan doctors claimed that it was the only cure […]

Coralia Liveaboard Food Favorites

sample of our culinary buffet on Coralia Liveaboard Indonesia

One of the things that makes our guests stay on board Coralia Liveaboard as well as at Papua Explorers Eco Resort memorable is the food that we serve. There is nothing more comforting to know that after a satisfying dive, there is a warm, healthy and hearty meal waiting for you. A happy tummy makes a happy diver. Over the years, our guests have accumulated certain favorites from our dishes. So we took the liberty of asking our guests which dishes, beverages and snacks were their favorites and compiled them for you. So when it is your time to come to our place, you might want to keep an eye out for these delicacies! Our Top 15 Coralia Liveaboard Food […]